Senin, 12 Maret 2012

Update: Jimm Multi Versi 0.6.6 For Android


-Is the time of vibration in MS (Settings / alert / vibration time)
-And sound an alert to other posts in the conference (settings / alert / notification of other reports in the conference)
-Well, sound notification output contact offline (settings / alert / inform disconnected contact)
-Sound-on online works only when the contact is part of a network, rather than returning from a lack of status
-Redone typing notifications, divided by the sound and notification. "Notification of a set of" enable / disable the sound notification, and the "alert type" control themselves, and display an icon alerts
Off-line running in a window set (set / display / scrolling text)
-Setting the speed to move the cursor and pressing the repeat (settings / interface / keystroke) (for konpochnyh phones)

-For the administrators and owners of the conference, participants in the menu items "to the membership," "deprived of membership," "to the moderator," "administrator to do." Now these items are separated from the ordinary
-Icon in the main menu and Settings menu
-Bold font for the date and hours of blocking and text softbare
And sound notification about an event in the oceans (record anti-spam, kick, ban the conference), (settings / alert / notification of events in the oceans)
-Set the priority of the application (settings / network / priority application)
Application-resource setting (settings / network / resource)
Highlight a fat-
-Altered the status window and type the answer to the client version
-Choose to hide / no service contact (conferences and transports) along with the rest, using the show / hide the disabled (Settings / Interface / hide inactive service contacts)
Contacts with the top group chat (now looks like the drop-down list, and not the checkbox), (configure / interface / contact first)
Quick clean-eye on the "C" in the debug console versions of cleaning
Text-x-status conference (settings / interface / text x-status in the conference)
-Update of the application (the application / menu / update), closes the application and built-in browser will go to the download page featured-versions
-Autolock application for a specified time avtostatuse (settings / no / self-locking after a given time)
, Returned to "fill in the history"
Commands from the file jabber-commands.txt in templates (settings / interface / commands in the template)
-Show \ hide the disabled when the slide to the left \ right in the CR (for touch devices)
-Change the size of the interface (for touch devices)
-Returned to the priority application gruppchat


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